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Once upon a time, Kim Herold, aka. Heroland, was discovered from the streets of Milan.

Modeling took him from penthouse apartments in New York and Barcelona to a dumpster in Tokyo. Eventually he found his home-base in Paris Bastille, where he picked up a guitar and wrote his first songs.

He moved back to Finland, where producer Jaakko Manninen (Jutty Ranx, Beats and Styles) discovered him. They created two albums as “Humane” but parted ways as new projects took them to other continents.

After working with a lot of other people, they reconnected to create Heroland.

Heroland’s music is playful, danceable, organic songs about love. Combining a Jack-Johnson-esque smooth voice with a unique English accent picked up from living all around the world, Kim’s songs are not trying to be cool. They’re not trying to be funny. They are from the heart.

And they will move both your soul and your feet.

Kim still writes his songs on his guitar and performs either alone acoustically, with a band or with a DJ.